Jake Roggenkamp can assist you with all of your tax needs from the most basic to the very complex. Whether you are contemplating a 1031 for your real estate investment, starting a family LLC, optimizing your business structure, estate planning, or anything in between, Jake Roggenkamp CPA and his team can assist you and optimize your tax savings.

Jake Roggenkamp CPA

A tax professional who saves you time

I’m Jake Roggenkamp, a licensed CPA and a Tax Expert. I’ve been helping individuals and businesses prepare their taxes for over 20 years. I’m here to help you too.

Simple tax preparation

We’ll prepare your taxes for an affordable flat-rate fee, so you know what to expect upfront. We’ll also provide detailed explanations of any deductions, credits or adjustments found on your return – so it’s easy to understand what needs to be done.

Detailed tax preparation

If you prefer us to do more than just prepare your taxes, we can help with that too! Our team has over 30 years of experience preparing complex tax returns. We’ll do all the work, so you don’t have to worry about it!

With today’s complex tax code, preparing your own tax return can be extremely challenging and often leave you with more questions than answers.

Currently, most individuals and small businesses use a tax preparer to help them prepare their taxes. It is easy to overlook these changes and submit an incorrect return even if you are just filing a simple return. You may also overlook deductions and credits if you do your taxes yourself.

With careful planning, Roggenkamp & Associates can help you file your returns and minimize your tax liability.

Tax Preparation in Baxter
Our tax preparation services include:

  • Individual Tax Preparation
  • Business Tax Return Preparation
  • Gift & Estate Tax Return Preparation
  • Partnership & Corporate Tax Preparation
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Out-of-State Returns
  • Business Start-Ups